Example6 com­bined 13 flavours in a reg­gae fu­sion style


Guitar Techniques - - LESSON | CHORD CAMP -

This ex­am­ple uses small frag­ments of mixed 13 chord voic­ings against the root move­ment in the bass. No­tice in bar 7 the ad­di­tion of the 11th (F) on the fourth string for the Cm13; and in bar 11, D6m11 sounded bet­ter in the pro­gres­sion (this voic­ing can also be viewed as Emaj9 no 3rd). Take care when play­ing a reg­gae rhythm part that’s syn­co­pated against the beat – it can be tricky as you can eas­ily ‘wan­der’ against time. Use a phaser or cho­rus for ex­tra vibe.

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