Example6 Mi­nor to Whole/Half Di­min­ished scale

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This ex­am­ple show­cases the mi­nor ver­sion of Larry’s in­side-out­side Pen­ta­tonic-Sym­met­ri­cal scale to­ing and fro­ing, al­though this time he switches from the mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (R- 4-5- to the Whole-Half ver­sion

2b- of the scale (R- 3-4- 7). Once again, the rhyth­mic con­tent is wor­thy of your at­ten­tion. In bars 1 and 2 Carl­ton man­ages to make a soli­tary root note sound cap­ti­vat­ing by play­ing a rep­e­ti­tious rhyth­mic fig­ure based around a beat and a half against our un­der­ly­ing pulse and across the bar line. Larry can make so much from even the sim­plest mu­si­cal in­for­ma­tion.

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