Example7 Side­step from semi­tone below

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON | JAZZ -

You can get a lot of mileage from de­lib­er­ately play­ing in the wrong key, as­sum­ing, of course, you can re­solve this ten­sion by re­turn­ing to the cor­rect notes, nicely in time. Here we see how Larry moves be­tween com­fort­able ‘con­so­nant’ D mi­nor ma­te­rial against Dm7, and ‘dis­so­nant’ C# mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (C#-E-F#-G#-B). The real skill here is in the re­turn­ing res­o­lu­tions, so make sure you have your D mi­nor es­cape routes in mind.

Eb You can cre­ate equally ef­fec­tive ideas by mov­ing the semi­tone above, mi­nor, once again re­turn­ing to D mi­nor safe haven.

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