Ex­am­ple noel gal­lagher in­die strum­ming

cd track 57

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON | ACOUSTIC -

[Bar 15] An­other com­mon fea­ture is the de­scend­ing bassline as fea­tured here. The Dadd11/F# name makes it look more scary than it ac­tu­ally is: again this is a by-prod­uct of keep­ing those two strings fret­ted through­out. [Bar 24] Noel doesn’t just stick to stan­dard chord pro­gres­sions, oc­ca­sion­ally he will play se­quences like th­ese that take the ear on an un­ex­pected jour­ney. [Bar 25] The G5/A chord at the end of this bar is just a by-prod­uct com­mon to count­less gui­tarists: strum­ming while the band tran­si­tions be­tween chord shapes.

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