Rock-Blues Tar­get­ing Lick

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The idea here is to tar­get chord tones of an arpeg­gio; in this in­stance G ma­jor (G-B-D). No­tice that the root (G) is al­ways played straight and that the other two notes are al­ways ap­proached chro­mat­i­cally from a semi­tone below, thus cre­at­ing typ­i­cal bluesy 5 and 3 move­ments. The way th­ese notes have been treated is im­por­tant. There are two dif­fer­ent ways; ei­ther as melodic notes played as even eighth notes or as ‘grace notes’ played quickly be­fore the beat. Be­ing able to in­ter­change th­ese two func­tions at will is a great as­set and should be worked on when you de­velop your own ideas. I have given a sug­gested fin­ger­ing but you can ob­vi­ously mod­ify this to suit; just take care that all the slides are played for the cor­rect du­ra­tions and it should be pretty straight­for­ward to work through. Make sure you trans­pose it to other keys and also com­pose some sim­i­lar ideas of your own us­ing both the same and dif­fer­ent chord types – and mix th­ese ideas in with reg­u­lar licks to avoid it all sound­ing too much like an ex­er­cise.

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