Guitar Techniques - - PLAY | CLASSICAL -

[Bar 1-7] The open­ing bars are of­ten played some­what freely in tempo with the fer­matas (pauses) cre­at­ing a sense of drama be­tween bursts of notes. Play the short scale runs with rest stroke for pro­jec­tion. At bar 4 the triplets are played more in tempo. Play them neat and punchy and again with rest stroke.

[Bar 8-10] Now we hit the de­scend­ing triplet arpeg­gios, which are played across three strings, free stroke. In bar 11, you’ll find a ‘cam­panella’ (lit­tle bell) fin­ger­ing ap­proach where a scale pas­sage is played with mul­ti­ple notes across ad­ja­cent strings. This al­lows the notes to ring over into each other and give a very res­o­nant sound. I have played the trill at the end of the bar across two strings with a tremolo fin­ger­ing in the pick­ing hand: p a m i p a m i p.

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