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Span­ish SP model gui­tar, an elec­tric arch­top with f-holes cut into the up­per body bouts. The bound neck and body are ac­tu­ally made by Har­mony but the gui­tar boasts an all Rick­en­backer horse­shoe pickup sit­u­ated by the wooden bridge. Con­trols are fit­ted for vol­ume and tone ma­nip­u­la­tion. With a strong sound and good tone, it’s a pop­u­lar prod­uct; also highly sort af­ter are their lap­top steel gui­tars like the Rick­en­backer Model B. gets his first gui­tar on his birth­day. He ac­tu­ally wanted a ri­fle but it was too ex­pen­sive for his par­ents but he took lessons from his un­cle and learned to play. Frank Si­na­tra re­leases his first stu­dio al­bum, called The Voice Of Frank Si­na­tra. Re­leased on Columbia Records as a set of four 78 rpm records (so just eight songs) it stays at the top of the newly es­tab­lished Bill­board chart for seven weeks. cel­e­brated by a vic­tory pa­rade in Lon­don but those re­turn­ing from the fight­ing are greeted by ma­jor job short­ages, lack of hous­ing and lit­tle in the way of food and ma­te­ri­als. So much for a bet­ter life! The House of Com­mons na­tion­alises the min­ing in­dus­try and the Bank of England soon fol­lows suit. The first meet­ing of the United Na­tions is held in Lon­don to dis­cuss pro­ce­dural rules and to adopt a res­o­lu­tion to deal with the is­sues of atomic en­ergy and nu­clear weapons. The League of Na­tions is dis­solved and the United Na­tions In­ter­na­tional Chil­dren’s Fund (UNICEF) is es­tab­lished. pro­duce the PV60, their first model to be pro­duced post war. The Italian Pi­ag­gio com­pany files a pa­tent for their Vespa scooter de­sign fin­ished in pas­tel shades. It makes its pub­lic de­but at the 1946 Mi­lan Fair but is slow to catch on un­til the in­tro­duc­tion of pay­ment by in­stal­ments made it some­thing ev­ery­one could own. re­pairs be­gin man­u­fac­tur­ing their own gui­tars from their back­yard work­shop in Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia. Owner Billy May was keen to equal the qual­ity of the Amer­i­can gui­tars that were be­ing im­ported and the prod­uct name was a de­riv­a­tive of ‘May’ and ‘Tone’. With fine at­ten­tion to ev­ery de­tail of the man­u­fac­tur­ing process early mod­els like the Coolibah Flat Top FT6 and the Pro­fes­sional Su­per Hill-Billy Flatop HG100 soon cap­ture the re­spect of lo­cal gui­tarists and be­yond. (Elvis Pres­ley used an HG100 Hill-Billy in the Jailhouse Rock movie in 1957). and singer, Norma Jeane Morten­son per­forms her first screen test and is signed to Twen­ti­eth Cen­tury Fox Stu­dios. She changes her hair colour from brown to blonde and be­comes Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe. Juan Domingo Peron is elected pres­i­dent in Ar­gentina, his mis­tress is Evita. Here we have a fairly up­tempo foot-stomp­ing 12-bar blues in G. Pull out your G mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic

Bb- (G- C-D-F) or Blues scale (add

Db) a – or al­ter­na­tively, try G Mixoly­dian (G-A-B-C-D-E-F) on the I chord (G7), G Do­rian

Bb- (G-A- C-D-E-F) on the IV chord (C7) and fi­nally the G Ma­jor scale (G-A-B-C-D-E-F#) on the V (D7). Try out your best Vai, Sa­tri­ani and Zappa licks on this static groove. The pro­gres­sion (C and D/C) is based on C Ly­dian mode (C-D-E-F#-G-A-B), so could open up new ter­ri­tory for licks, sounds and fin­ger­ings! For this I-IV vamp in C you can get re­ally bluesy and use C mi­nor Eb- Bb) Pen­ta­tonic (C- F-G- or Blues Eb- Bb). scale (C- F-F#-G- Or you can switch be­tween C Mixoly­dian Bb) (C-D-E-F-G-A- for the I chord Eb(C) and C Do­rian mode (C-D- Bb) F-G-A- for the IV chord (F7). This change re­sults in the B neatly Bb, be­com­ing a etc. Al­though you can at­tack this jazz Bb blues pro­gres­sion in from a Bb ba­sic blues per­spec­tive us­ing Bb- ma­jor Pen­ta­tonic ( C-D-F-G) Bb and mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic Bb-Db-Eb- Ab), ( F you could also try arpeg­giat­ing your way around the chords to bring out more colour. This is es­pe­cially handy in bar 6 Bb(E di­min­ished arpeg­gio (E-G- Db) and bar 8 (G7 arpeg­gio (G-B-D-F) of the pro­gres­sion. Jam tracks by Ja­cob Quist­gaard. For free scale maps and hun­dreds more tracks, visit www.quis­torama. com. You can also sub­scribe to to get all the lat­est tracks and licks. Or find Quist and his jam tracks on Twit­ter, In­sta­gram and Face­book.

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