EXAMPLE7 DuanE – solo at 8’.00”

Guitar Techniques - - DEREK AND THE DOMINOS -

In di­rect con­trast to the pre­ced­ing solo, this rip-roar­ing eight-bar solo pulls ab­so­lutely no punches in terms of dy­nam­ics and at­tack. Pitch­ing slide play­ing ac­cu­rately at the higher reaches of a Gib­son Les Paul is not the easiest thing, so be pa­tient and de­velop your ‘mus­cle mem­ory’ in­cre­men­tally – it re­ally is the only way. Bar 6 fea­tures more har­mon­ica-style slides and grace notes be­fore com­ing to a rel­a­tively calm con­clu­sion in bars 7-8.

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