TOP THRee liCKs in THe PieCe

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Lick 1 Mixoly­dian line: bars 7 to 9

This open­ing D Mixoly­dian lick is a corker and well worth pil­fer­ing. By the stan­dards of this solo it is also one of the more ac­ces­si­ble lines. It’s worth not­ing the po­si­tion change half-way through from the 10th to the 12th fret, which makes this lick pos­si­ble.

Lick 2 Wide intervals and stretches: bars 18 to 21

This line lasts for the best part of four bars and is made up of semi-qua­vers (62 notes!). But there are some great in­ter­val­lic ideas and wide stretches, no doubt in­spired by play­ers like Al­lan Holdsworth. Again the po­si­tion shift from 7th to 12th fret half­way through is an es­sen­tial el­e­ment to mas­ter.

Lick 3 High string bends: bars 48 to 53

In this lick we have some su­per-high string bends played right up the dusty end! The three-semi­tone bend on the 22nd fret of the first string cer­tainly grabs the ear and may take some prac­tise to get right. This lick ends with some qua­ver triplet phras­ing to mix it up a bit.

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