EX­AM­PLE slAm bAm

Guitar Techniques - - VIDEO MASTERCLASS -

[cho­rus 1 bar 22 to 37]

The cho­rus builds in in­ten­sity and Brett adds in more chro­matic pas­sages. When the tonal­ity shifts to e maj7 for a bar, Brett plays the e ly­dian scale (e -F-G-a-B -C-d). Many of the fast lines here sound in­tim­i­dat­ing, but they mostly use a steady stream of semi­qua­vers. learn the fin­ger­ings slowly and turn up the tempo grad­u­ally. don’t try to learn it at full speed or you will risk building in er­rors – slow and ac­cu­rate will be­come fast and ac­cu­rate!

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