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This is a typ­i­cal Eva de­vice – an em­bel­lished G ma­jor chord with a melody moving on the higher strings. This is a great de­vice for in­tros or end­ings as the melodic con­tent cre­ates more in­ter­est over a cou­ple of bars as op­posed to just pick­ing a ba­sic G ma­jor.

Th­ese quick ham­mer-ons were also a com­mon fea­ture of her style. This will re­quire a re­ally rapid ham­mer-on us­ing the first fin­ger on the fret­ting

[Bar 5]

hand; make sure it is timed cor­rectly and pow­er­ful enough so that you re­tain the bal­ance be­tween the open string and fret­ted note.

Here is an ex­am­ple of the jazz in­flu­ence on Eva’s play­ing – rather than just play­ing a C mi­nor chord she would of­ten add the 6th/13th (in this case) to cre­ate some ten­sion on a chord, a sure sign of an artist who was aware of how har­mony worked and what it could add to her arrangements.

[Bar 10]

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