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[Bar 18]

Sim­i­lar to bar 10, here is an­other chord that is coloured with an ‘ex­tended’ note. in this case we are adding a 9th (F#) to our E mi­nor chord, which adds both move­ment and har­monic in­ter­est. This sequence is in­flu­enced by Eva’s ten­dency to ‘thin out’ her play­ing

[Bar 25]

to cre­ate short melodic so­los, re­ally just frag­ments of notes be­fore head­ing back into a verse.

An­other ex­am­ple of how Eva would colour chords by moving bass lines rather than em­bel­lish­ing the top line on the first or sec­ond strings.

[Bar 29]

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