Di­min­ished Whole-Tone

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The Al­tered scale is some­times called the ‘Di­min­ished Whole-Tone scale’ due to its sim­i­lar­ity to th­ese two struc­tures: Di­min­ished is based on whole-tone-half-tone steps, while Whole-Tone is a se­ries of two-fret gaps. Al­tered scale is: root-half-whole-half-whole-whole-whole-whole; then sec­ond oc­tave, half-whole b7th and so on. So, from the 3rd to the oc­tave we have five notes as in the Whole-Tone scale; and from the b5th to the is a six-note pat­tern of al­ter­nat­ing whole and half steps, with six of the seven notes as you would find them in the Half-Whole scale. This makes it easy to go from Al­tered to Whole-Tone or Al­tered to Half-Whole; sim­ply re­place the 2 and #2 with a ma­jor 2nd for a com­plete Whole-Tone scale, and re­place Al­tered’s #5 with a per­fect 5th and ma­jor 6th for Half-Whole scale. Easy!

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