Phil hil­Borne’s one-minute licK

Cell com­bi­na­tion lick

Guitar Techniques - - INTRO -

This month’s lick con­tains three short melodic ideas or ‘cells’ that are moved in se­quence down the neck. The lick will work great over Ma­jor or Dom­i­nant chords – here it’s played against D9. All the ‘cells’ are four notes long. The first as­cends chro­mat­i­cally from the 3rd (F#) to the 5th (A); the sec­ond R-2-b3- is a bluesy ap­proach of 3; and the fi­nal cell as­cends from the 5th (A) to the root (D) – 5-6-7-1. These cells are re­peated an oc­tave lower and then cells 1 and 2 are played an­other oc­tave lower be­fore com­ing to rest on the root note. With prac­tise and re-ap­pli­ca­tion, this idea can prop­a­gate many other in­ter­est­ing lines. So, ex­per­i­ment with these and other ‘cells’ in both ascending and de­scend­ing di­rec­tions. Have fun!

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