EXAMPLE2 Chops and pushes

Guitar Techniques - - THE RHYTHMS OF MOTOWN -

Con­tin­u­ing the thread from ex­am­ple 1, this chord pro­gres­sion com­bines looser strums with ac­cented, stac­cato chops and a cou­ple of dou­ble-stop de­tails, all con­densed into one guitar part. Note the em­pha­sis is now on all four beats of the bar rather than just beats 2 and 4. Though there are some sin­gle notes in the transcription, there’s no need to be overly strict about this, as long as the dy­namic is pre­served. This is all about the feel and noth­ing else.

For the fol­low­ing E m/B use your sec­ond, third and fourth fin­ger as shown

/Bb For the E chord use a par­tial third fin­ger barre as shown

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