BRETT GARSED Video Master­class

This month we look at the Aussie guitar leg­end’s im­pro­vised per­for­mance over a fu­sion-style track called Grasshop­per. Jon Bishop is your guide.

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In in­stal­ment #4 of his master­class se­ries Brett plays over a smooth but tech­ni­cally de­mand­ing fu­sion piece called Grasshop­per.

The com­plex­ity goes up yet an­other notch this month with a tricky back­ing track to nav­i­gate as we con­tinue our six-part video master­class se­ries with le­gato leg­end Brett Garsed. Here we are go­ing to look at the fourth track by Ja­son Sid­well, en­ti­tled Grasshop­per. As Brett ex­plains, the track re­ally keeps you on your toes and the chord changes are quite var­ied to solo over. The use of chord tones and tar­get tones is key to nav­i­gat­ing these tricky changes and Brett will take you through the process of plan­ning a fret­board roadmap and us­ing these tar­get tones and chord scales in the video. There are some long vamp sec­tions to stretch out on and in this sit­u­a­tion Brett re­lies on his mu­si­cal ear, not just a se­ries of scales, to guide his choices.

That said, three main tonal­i­ties are used and we have marked these on the chord sheet and writ­ten out fret­board fin­ger­ings to get you started. The first tonal­ity is the B Nat­u­ral Mi­nor scale (B-C#-D-E-F#-G-A) and this fits for the ma­jor­ity of the verse sec­tions. The sec­ond is the ever-ver­sa­tile B Do­rian mode (B-C#-D-E-F#-G#-A). The fi­nal scale in use is B Ma­jor (B-C#-D#-E-F#-G#-A#). To these core scales Brett adds colour tones and chro­matic notes. The com­bi­na­tion of so­phis­ti­cated phras­ing, clever note choices and a mod­ern-sound­ing, over­driven tone makes this an­other must-study piece. The back­ing track and chord chart is in­cluded for you to prac­tise over in ad­di­tion to a full transcription of Brett’s per­for­mance from the video.

Hope­fully, there will be a new tech­nique, lick or phrase in here some­where for you to per­fect. If you find one you like then mem­o­rise it and use it in fu­ture, es­pe­cially when the semi­qua­ver or sex­tu­plet feel is what’s re­quired. Once you have mas­tered some of the con­cepts in Brett’s solo, why not try cre­at­ing a solo of your own over the very same back­ing track. Check out the chord chart for the changes and, most im­por­tantly, use your ear – it’s your best friend in the long run. Have fun and see you next time.


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Brett Garsed with an­other great video solo

Brett nav­i­gates this month’s track with his usual panache

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