7b5 Example4 Ex­tended Chords in a Funk Groove.

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

7b5 Once you start us­ing and 7#5 chords you can add value by mov­ing up in 9b5, b5 13b5, har­mony to be­come a 9#5, and 13#5. The de­scrip­tors and #11 are b5: 2 the same (#11 is the higher oc­tave of eg a high D# then a lower D#) as we of­ten use a flex­i­ble four-note voic­ing. This ex­am­ple uses the most com­mon of 9b5, these ex­tended chords – 9#11, 13#11. I used a ‘juicy’ phaser, so there’s lots of depth and res­o­nance, with a bright tone from com­bined pick­ups.

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