ExamplE3 de­scend­ing Figure with econ­omy pick­ing

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON -

While this ex­am­ple uses sin­gle notes through­out, the think­ing be­hind much of the vo­cab­u­lary (es­pe­cially bars 3 and 4) is de­rived from see­ing a chord shape al­though play­ing each note in­de­pen­dently. in bar five we see how Louis might su­per­im­pose a Cmaj7 arpeg­gio (C-e-G-B) against an un­der­ly­ing a mi­nor chord to cre­ate am9 (3-5- 7-9). Try one pick stroke across sev­eral strings when ob­vi­ous arpeg­gio shapes are re­quired.

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