Thumbpick or hy­brid?

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many rock­a­billy play­ers use a thumb pick. The thumb pick is a plec­trum style de­vice that clips firmly onto the thumb of the pick­ing hand and re­quires no ex­tra fin­gers to hold it. one of the ad­van­tages of us­ing a thumb pick is that you can eas­ily main­tain a full fin­ger­style tech­nique. The fret­ting hand’s thumb can freely play the bass notes while the first, sec­ond and third fin­gers (re­ferred to as ‘i’, ‘m’ and ‘a’) can play the melody notes. The thumb pick helps with bass note def­i­ni­tion and sounds great when used in con­junc­tion with palm mut­ing and a slap­back de­lay. The thumb pick can also dou­ble as a plec­trum to pick sin­gle note lines and chords.

For this month’s track i used hy­brid pick­ing, which is a tech­nique that uses a nor­mal flat pick in con­junc­tion with the sec­ond and third fin­gers of the pick­ing hand. With the hy­brid tech­nique you lose some of the free­dom that the thumb alone has and, of course, you need the first fin­ger to hold the pick, so that is ‘out of com­mis­sion’ too! you can still get great re­sults with hy­brid pick­ing and this tech­nique has the ad­van­tage of bolt­ing on to your ex­ist­ing plec­trum style.

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