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I en­joy your mag­a­zine a great deal. I have been a sub­scriber for a while now and had been pur­chas­ing it on the news­stand for a cou­ple of years be­fore that. Re­cently, I was work­ing through Gi­u­liani’s 120 Right Hand Stud­ies and I thought that some­thing sim­i­lar would be a great monthly fea­ture for your mag­a­zine. Say on the idea of your One-Minute Licks col­umn. Pick­ing hand work­outs are pretty te­dious and if you had a short col­umn each month with a dif­fer­ent work­out, I think prac­tic­ing in short bursts would make it less te­dious. Thanks for lis­ten­ing! John Rhode­beck Funny how ideas we get from you keen-eyed read­ers of­ten find their way into the mag­a­zine . As soon as I read your let­ter I re­alised what a great idea it was, I told mu­sic editor Ja­son Sid­well and he agreed. It might take a lit­tle while to or­gan­ise, so bear with us; but if you see a new fea­ture in the front end in the next few months, called some­thing like ‘10-Minute Work­out’, you’ll know it came di­rectly from you.


Thank you so much for the Shad­ows fea­ture in GT261. I’ve been a lover of their mu­sic since I first heard Apache on the ra­dio way back when. Al­though I love all kinds of mu­sic and have done so all my life, it’s those days and that mu­sic that I hark back to ev­ery time I think about what I truly love. It’s hard for young peo­ple to re­alise the im­pact bands like The Shad­ows had on us. Be­fore this there was noth­ing – Michael Hol­l­i­day singing The Ru­n­away Train, or other nov­elty songs like In The Mid­dle Of The House by Alma Co­gan. When we heard Apache, Kon Tiki and Man Of Mys­tery this was mu­sic made just for us! And we latched onto it like there was no to­mor­row. Even when The Bea­tles came out a cou­ple of years later, al­though the kids loved it (I did too), their mums did as well, so the ef­fect was di­luted slightly. Your fea­ture, there­fore, re­ally made my day. Not only did I work through each ex­am­ple with ease, I also went back to that first Shad­ows al­bum (pink Strat, white Tele!) and re­lived my lost youth one more time. Thanks, GT, for giv­ing me a great time. Ross Davis We knew this fea­ture would res­onate, Ross. One of my best friends (bassist Roger Newell) is a huge Shad­ows fan, and he has col­lected al­most ev­ery take and out­take of ev­ery track that they ever recorded. But get this: he was also a Shad for a mo­ment on Marty Wilde’s 50th An­niver­sary con­cert at the Lon­don Pal­la­dium in 2007. Brian Ben­nett had joined us with Bruce Welch to guest on Sum­mer Hol­i­day, and un­known to Marty I’d got Hank to come along too. At the last mo­ment Hank agreed to play, and so Bruce hav­ing re­placed our other gui­tarist, Brian hav­ing re­placed our drum­mer and Hank re­plac­ing me, Roger found him­self do­ing Move It with Hank, Bruce and Brian, and Marty tak­ing Cliff Richard’s vo­cal. If you Google it, you can see the mo­ment of re­al­i­sa­tion on Rog’s face: “I’m A Shadow!” We’d also backed Jet Har­ris that same night so it made Roger’s year. I’m so glad you en­joyed the fea­ture – and I hope my lit­tle story didn’t make you a tad jeal­ous!


I know from time to time you do fea­ture slide ex­am­ples in big­ger blues fea­tures and I be­lieve there was a slide se­ries some years ago by no less than Guthrie Go­van. But with all these great younger bands around to­day – and I’m think­ing specif­i­cally of Joey Lan­dreth and the Lan­dreth Broth­ers – is there not mileage in an­other reg­u­lar se­ries? I don’t mean so much a style-file type thing, but a nuts and bolts, belt and braces slide se­ries, teach­ing it from the ground up. Now you might ar­gue that slide is one of those styles that play­ers usu­ally learn as a side show to their reg­u­lar tech­nique. But surely GT is here to teach us all man­ner of tech­niques and the­ory, and with that in mind a full-blown se­ries would be great for peo­ple like me. I know you don’t do in­ter­views, but I’d love to see a 60 Sec­onds With Joey Lan­dreth to get some in­sight into his thought pro­cesses. And while we’re on the sub­ject, couldn’t Les David­son in­clude him one month in his Blues col­umn? I think you can prob­a­bly tell I’m a bit be­sot­ted with this band and the way Joey plays. Check them out if you’re not fa­mil­iar. Mick Ryan To take your first point: yes we do reg­u­larly fea­ture slide in the mag­a­zine but no, not in an on­go­ing fea­ture of late. Guthrie’s se­ries was sev­eral years ago now, and went from sim­ple blues slide into more com­plex Duane All­man ter­ri­tory, then on to the more chal­leng­ing Derek Trucks, Sonny Lan­dreth and be­yond. Sonny is ac­tu­ally no re­la­tion – the Lan­dreth Broth­ers are ac­tu­ally Cana­dian – al­though Sonny did work with the boys’ mu­si­cian fa­ther many years ago. But you are quite right, in that a new slide se­ries would fit with GT right now, es­pe­cially as groups such as Joey and his broth­ers are mak­ing such waves. We would have to wait un­til one se­ries fin­ishes be­fore we can slot it in. But we like the idea of the ground-up ap­proach. Sev­eral of our writ­ers are big slide fans too. You have the com­mu­nal GT brain cell well and truly work­ing, Mick.


I have to ad­mit that when GT first stopped us­ing the likes of Guthrie, Dave Kilmin­ster and Jamie Humphries, I felt that it would hit the dol­drums and be­come a shadow of its for­mer self. To be fair you’ve tried a few things that didn’t work that well in my opin­ion, but these days the range of writ­ers you’ve gath­ered around you is sec­ond to none. Each one of them brings a par­tic­u­lar voice to the mag­a­zine. Of course, I have my favourites as I’m a blues-rock-jazz guy, but I just wanted to say that GT is as good now as it ever was in those per­ceived ‘glory days’. Long may it con­tinue. Danny Martin I’m not sure what we tried that didn’t work, Danny, be­cause I think ev­ery­thing we do in GT has merit as a piece of tu­ition. How­ever, I’ll hap­pily take your com­pli­ment on be­half of the bril­liant team of folk that con­trib­utes so tire­lessly to this al­most 23-year-old in­sti­tu­tion. I be­lieve the bal­ance in the mag­a­zine is great, but it can al­ways be im­proved – wit­ness the two ex­cel­lent sug­ges­tions on this very page. So you keep read­ing and we’ll keep pro­duc­ing it for you!


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