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Jason Sid­well in­tro­duces an­other great se­lec­tion of lessons from our GT tu­tors.

When I was 19 I made the move from be­ing a purely clas­si­cal guitarist, to playing elec­tric gui­tar too. As a novice pick user dur­ing the first year or two, I found it fas­ci­nat­ing look­ing at tran­scrip­tions to see how lead pas­sages could be al­ter­nate picked, sweep picked, or hy­brid picked. Su­per pick­ers like Paul Gil­bert, Steve Morse, Al Di Me­ola and Yng­wie Malm­steen were among those that most in­trigued me. I still find pick­ing op­tions in­ter­est­ing, dis­cov­er­ing ways to ar­tic­u­late pas­sages and over­come prob­lems that can hin­der a pas­sage’s flow. An in­quir­ing mind is a devel­op­ing mind and tech­nique curiosity stim­u­lates flex­i­bil­ity of choice.

GT’s pol­icy about pick­ing di­rec­tions (shown be­low the tab) is to pro­vide in­for­ma­tion where it’s im­por­tant or to ‘crack the code’ to over­come po­ten­tially tricky pas­sages. To pro­vide it for ev­ery bar in ev­ery tu­to­rial though, would be a lit­tle overkill; fur­ther­more it’s al­ways good to for­mu­late your own tech­nique choices, to get deeper into your study­ing. For ex­am­ple, one of my past clas­si­cal tu­tors al­ways had me ad­here to fin­ger­ings shown in the mu­sic, but add my own where there were none when first tack­ling a piece. His thought was; ce­ment the whole piece and if I were to wan­der away from the orig­i­nal sug­ges­tions, I’d bet­ter have a good rea­son to ar­gue my case. All this meant I was 100% com­mit­ted to the piece. Don’t think this is solely the do­main of clas­si­cal gui­tar ei­ther; I’ve spo­ken to or read in­ter­views with great gui­tarists like John McLaugh­lin, Lee Rite­nour, Eric John­son and Mike Stern who are su­per keen on ‘best’ fin­ger­ings and pick­ing de­ci­sions so tech­nique con­cerns can be dis­carded to fo­cus on the mu­sic. I hope you en­joy this is­sue and work­ing on our tech­nique sug­ges­tions as well as adding your own. You’ll be a bet­ter guitarist and more able to solve prob­lems if you keep cu­ri­ous and com­mit­ted. Have fun!

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