AYNS­LEY LIS­TER Video Mas­ter­class PT3

In the fi­nal in­stal­ment of our three-part video fea­ture, blues ace Ayns­ley Lis­ter demon­strates his lead style by play­ing a fan­tas­tic solo over a 12/8 slow blues back­ing track in the style of BB King. Jon Bishop is your guide.

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Ayns­ley Lis­ter fin­ishes his highly pop­u­lar video mas­ter­class se­ries with a su­perb Fred­die King, BB King or Peter Green style slow 8-bar blues.

This month Ayns­ley’s live band has laid down a slow 12/8 feel track with an easy tempo of 52 bpm. It’s an eight-bar form with an in­ter­est­ing F# Di­min­ished chord. As usual we have writ­ten out the chord chart for you to work from. This form is fairly straight­for­ward to solo over and has been used to great ef­fect by blues­man such as BB King, Peter Green and Fred­die King.

As Ayns­ley ex­plains in the video, it works well to stick to your guns and solo straight through the Di­min­ished chord us­ing straight C Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic vo­cab­u­lary. You can of course play Di­min­ished scale ideas to fit the chord, but this may end up sound­ing less au­then­tic. The three-oc­tave Blues scalefin­ger­ing pat­tern that we have no­tated, is sim­i­lar to the one we used last time, but here it’s in the key of C. This fin­ger­ing has proved very ef­fec­tive through­out this se­ries and is pretty much a one-stop-shop for blues-rock solo­ing in any key - if, of course, you shift it to the cor­re­spond­ing po­si­tion on the neck.

To spice up this po­si­tion and add some ex­tra so­phis­ti­ca­tion, we have added the 6th and the 9th, which are used in the solo as flavour tones and string bend­ing points. As the key sig­na­ture is 12/8 and the tempo is a su­per slow blues, iron­i­cally you have space to play faster lines and more notes.

The com­bi­na­tion of the time sig­na­ture and tempo makes the no­ta­tion look pretty in­tim­i­dat­ing, but the phrases are not overly tricky to play, so the key here is to have a good lis­ten to Anys­ley’s orig­i­nal per­for­mance and use the no­tated rhythms as a guide. In the les­son sec­tion Ayns­ley shares the idea that it is nice to give a ‘tip of the hat’ to the play­ers who would have used this type of chord back­ing. The three main blues­men to ref­er­ence are BB King, Fred­die King and Peter Green, and two great tracks to check out are Need Your Love So Bad by Fleet­wood Mac, and Some­day Af­ter A While by Fred­die King - there’s no bet­ter way to sound in­formed than to be able to quote the blues greats.

As ever, the no­ta­tion con­tains all of the fin­ger­ings, ar­tic­u­la­tions and phras­ing from the video per­for­mance. It will be well worth tak­ing a close look at the way Ayns­ley fin­gers and picks the phrases. The ideas here are all rel­a­tively easy to play, es­pe­cially at a slower tempo and tak­ing this slowly at first is def­i­nitely the way for­ward.

to spice things up ayns­ley uses the 6th and 9th as flavour tones and as string bend­ing points

NEXT MONTH We have a one-off mas­ter­class with solo fin­ger­style gui­tarist

Ayns­ley Lis­ter: Part 3 of his blues-rock solo­ing se­ries

Ayns­ley Lis­ter with part 3 of his blues video se­ries

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