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Our Ma­jor jam harks back to tracks like Bod­hisattva and fea­tures an ex­cit­ingly fast tempo. The rhythm gui­tar is sim­ple and fun to play but the solo, in the style of Denny Dias, might prove chal­leng­ing to play if you’ve not ex­plored the world out­side Pen­ta­ton­ics or the Blues scale. a key fea­ture is to nav­i­gate the chord changes and link chord tones with scale tones and chro­matic notes. The phras­ing is fairly in­sis­tent and uses swung qua­vers, qua­ver triplets and the odd semi-qua­ver run. There’s some cool jazz vo­cab­u­lary to dis­cover here so learn­ing this solo is worth the ef­fort as it will ex­pand your lick reper­toire no end.

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