Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

[Bar 18] We change to a sim­ple strum­ming pat­tern now: for these pas­sages I’d strum with a light down-up mo­tion us­ing the pick­ing hand first fin­ger, the thumb or a com­bi­na­tion of the ‘ima’ fin­gers on the pick­ing hand. Keep it all re2laxAec­doauns­dtic­don’t dig in too hard. [Bar 19] Here’s an­other com­mon ef­fect us­ing the a7­sus4 chord but this time mov­ing to a a Dom­i­nant 7th for a bit of melodic move­ment in the chords you’ll hear this a lot in James Tay­lor’s play­ing.

[Bar 25] Make sure you lock in the with back­ing track when play­ing this short chord se­quence and re­mem­ber to syn­co­pate beats 3 and 4 (ie play the chords on the ‘and’ of each beat) with a stac­cato feel on the ‘and’ of beat 3.

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