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I am a sub­scriber to GT and have got a lot out of the mag­a­zine. It has def­i­nitely im­proved my play­ing, but per­haps just as im­por­tantly, it has got me into dif­fer­ent types of mu­si­cal styles. I never gave coun­try mu­sic a chance un­til Andy Saphir’s monthly ar­ti­cles came along, and I am now hooked on the genre.

I was won­der­ing if there was go­ing to be an­other coun­try gui­tar fea­ture com­ing up?

I was also won­der­ing if there was go­ing to be any be­gin­ners slide ar­ti­cles? I find that all slide ar­ti­cles ex­pect a half de­cent level of play­ing, putting off be­gin­ners such as my­self. I have a go, but my tech­nique is a bit messy and could do with a back-to-ba­sics look in or­der to progress to more ad­vanced styles. If there are any back is­sues that might ad­dress this, I would love to be able to get hold of them if pos­si­ble.

I ap­pre­ci­ate that you must get quite a few emails of this na­ture, but any ad­vice that you could give would be greatly re­ceived. Ed Gamwells Glad you en­joy the mag­a­zine, Ed. Re­gard­ing coun­try, yes it’s a rel­a­tively niche style but it is one that we have and do cover from time to time. Noth­ing in the off­ing for the com­ing months but we’ll def­i­nitely bear it in mind. Bet­ter news on he slide front! From is­sue 269 we are start­ing a rel­a­tive be­gin­ner’s slide col­umn. It’s be­ing han­dled by RGT and at the mo­ment it’s sched­uled to run for eight is­sues, but de­pend­ing on how it goes down we may ex­tend it, or notch it up a rung or two abil­ity-wise. We only hold six months of back is­sues, and I’m pretty sure there’s no coun­try dur­ing that time. I don’t know if you have an iPad, but those back is­sues go back sev­eral years now and you should be able to find all sorts of in­ter­est­ing stuff at www. my­

Be­gin­ner’s slide col­umn com­ing soon to GT

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