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[Bars 1 – 15] The open­ing triplets are played with al­ter­nat­ing first fin­ger and pick­ing hand thumb, start­ing with the first fin­ger so that the thumb lands on the first beat of the bar giv­ing it a slight ac­cent. At bar 4 the triplets are ‘strummed’ across the two low­est strings with the first fin­ger only. The first of each triplet is played with an up­stroke, giv­ing the whole beats a stronger down­stroke. This con­tin­ues into bar 5 across three strings.

[Bar 6] The melody is straight for­ward. At bar 7 the fret­ting hand’s sec­ond fin­ger can re­main in con­tact with the third string for the whole bar. On the last D note of bar 8, let go of the barre and play the D with the tip of the first fin­ger for an easy shift to the C chord in the next bar. Watch out for the grace notes at bars 8 and 12 – the first is a ham­mer and the sec­ond is a slide. Triplets oc­cur again at bar 13 with in­di­cated pick­ing hand fin­ger­ing for tidy tech­nique.

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