Ex­am­plE7 mov­ing mixoly­dian (su­per gui­tar trio #1)

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We’re aim­ing for more of an elec­tri­fied piezo-based acous­tic tone for our fi­nal a har­monic per­spec­tive, this ex­am­ple shifts be­tween four bars of A Mixoly­dian two ex­am­ples and this sound can of­ten be mer­ci­lessly un­for­giv­ing in terms of (A-B-C#-d-e-F#-G) and four bars of G Mixoly­dian (G-A-B-C-d-e-F). it’s good to scr Gap Up I Ty AaR rt iT cu El Cat Hi oN nI Q aU nd ES tim Min Ag G, As oZ Im Na Eke2­su7r0e you’ re com­pletely hit­ting all the no­tice that once again, Co­ryell is not afraid to cre­ate rhyth­mic in­ter­est and notes on the head or your play­ing won’t sound pol­ish Le A dR orRp Yr ofCe sO si oRnYaEl.FLr Lo mSTYt Le En siobny by Jo rehp ne aW tin hg ea as tic­n­grolefn tote, in this case for well over a bar.

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