Ex­am­plE8 rapid mi­nor lines with chro­matic pass­ing tones (su­per gui­tar trio #2)

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We’re back in Latin ter­ri­tory for our fi­nal ex­am­ple. in the fast de­scend­ing phrase, Larry adds chro­matic in­ter­est to A dorian (A-B-C-d-e-F#-G) by adding

b9 (Bb) the as a pass­ing tone be­tween the sta­ble Ma­jor 2nd (B) and tonic (A). AgGaUinIT,wARatcThEyCoHuNrtIiQmUinEgS, aMs Ait’Gs vAeZrIyNeEasy2 t7o0rush when com­bin­ing pull-offs, slides and picked notes in a con­tin­u­ous 16th-note rhythm. The string skips in bar 5 might take time to achieve the req­ui­site ac­cu­racy and dy­namic balance, so be pa­tient and en­joy the process of get­ting faster, cleaner and more con­trolled and, re­mem­ber, it takes as long as it takes and not one sec­ond less!

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