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[Bar 1] This de­scend­ing triad se­quence is a com­mon idea in Brian’s acous­tic play­ing and shows a gui­tarist who has spent a good amount of time learn­ing how ev­ery­thing sits on the fret­board, har­mony wise.

[Bar 9] adding melody to chords is an­other so­phis­ti­cated Brian de­vice. start witGhUa If iT rA st R-fin T gE erCb Ha rN re IQ onUt Eh eS1s2t­f7re0t and then re­lease the Sb ta ur ra er ftr' os mA thceo fi ur st tic string at the end of this bar, to cre­ate a more con­ven­tional pBoRwIeAr

[Bar 12] as with much of Queen’s writ­ing, Brian’s acous­tic work has some great, un­ex­pected twists such as­bthis move from a stan­dard d Ma­jor chord to a d Mi­nor with a flat­tened 5th (a note) in this bar - a great ex­am­ple of us­ing chords to cre­ate ten­sion. [Bar 15] an­other ex­am­ple of melody within chords in the next few bars and of the tech­nique Brian uses in love Of My life.

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