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Let’s move on to an­other of Holdsworth’s scales, the Melodic Mi­nor. It has a sort of mag­i­cal float­ing qual­ity. Let’s con­struct it with D as the root, but again learn it all over the fret­board (see di­a­gram 2 on page 44). This in­volves mov­ing the C to C# from the C Ma­jor scale. I’ve high­lighted all the Ds for ref­er­ence. For our D Melodic Mi­nor (all po­si­tions fret­board), we could of course re­peat all of Ex­er­cises 1-7 with this scale form, but in­stead let’s move on to some lead play­ing know­ing that we can ap­ply all of th­ese con­cepts to all of th­ese scales.

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