Achiev­ing in­de­pen­dence

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The key to the tap­ping tech­niques cov­ered in this les­son is in­de­pen­dence of both hands. Just like a pi­anist, your aim should be for your tap­ping (pick­ing) hand to be able to play any­thing your fret­ting hand can. A great work­out for this is to try play­ing scales and arpeg­gios us­ing only your pick­ing hand. One as­pect of your pick­ing hand tech­nique re­quires a lit­tle thought, though: are you go­ing to use a mix­ture of ham­mer-ons and pull-offs, or purely ham­mered notes? I per­son­ally take the ap­proach of us­ing both, but there are some amaz­ing tap­pers who use a ham­mer-only tech­nique with daz­zling ef­fects.

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