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The May edi­tion of GT has just ar­rived and hav­ing flicked through it and read Talk­back, I feel obliged to write to you. I think it’s great that you may be

in­tro­duc­ing more chord melody soon and look for­ward to it. Hav­ing bought GT reg­u­larly for 15 years now and a few ear­lier edi­tions off Ebay too, the main high­lights for me each month are the jazz and clas­si­cal col­umns. Brid­get con­tin­ues to do a ter­rific job with her tran­scrip­tions and I look for­ward to hav­ing a go at the Mal­lorca Bar­carola in D Mi­nor in this month’s edi­tion. I do have this piece in a book of six pieces by Al­b­eniz in A Mi­nor, but this looks great too.

Per­haps more tra­di­tional clas­si­cal gui­tar reper­toire pieces like this too would be good rather than pop­u­lar clas­si­cal pi­ano and orches­tra pieces tran­scribed for gui­tar. I ap­pre­ci­ate its hard to get the right bal­ance. Which re­minds me, re­gard­ing Ro­drigo’s con­certo, I would be very im­pressed if GT pro­duced a de­cent back­ing track for that with ac­com­pa­ny­ing sub­scrip­tion. It’s one of those pieces with its mainly sin­gle line melody that sounds a bit empty and point­less on its own. Of course I’m re­fer­ring to the sec­ond move­ment Ada­gio sec­tion in B Mi­nor here. Re­gard­ing gear re­views, per­son­ally I would be dis­ap­pointed to see them in­tro­duced into GT - that was why I stopped get­ting Gui­tar Monthly, after a cou­ple of years: too many re­views and not enough tu­ition. Any­way, keep up the good work and I’ll keep buy­ing for years to come.

Alan Beecroft

Thanks for your kind words, Alan. Brid­get is al­ways pleased to hear that her ar­ti­cles are hit­ting the spot. Ro­drigo is a beau­ti­ful piece, too, but sadly it’s still in copy­right and there­fore way too ex­pen­sive to run at the mo­ment. How things have changed! Hit­ting the right bal­ance with our one clas­si­cal piece each is­sue is not easy, but I think the range we of­fer is pretty good.

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