Pen­ta­tonic Le­gato Slide Lick

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The freTTing-hand slide is a pow­er­ful and ex­pres­sive tool. This month’s lick will give you a fun work­out, util­is­ing this tech­nique in a slightly dif­fer­ent way. at first glance it’s a sim­ple a Mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic phrase. howeOvNeEr, itM’s quite as easy as it looks be­cause the notes nearly al­ways change di­rec­tion af­ter ev­ery pair sounded. if you’re not used to do­ing this sort of thing

you might find it pretty chal­leng­ing, so try my fin­ger­ing and use it or amend it to suit. it should sound ‘fluid’ and mod­ern. af­ter work­ing through it, try sim­i­lar phrases us­ing other Pen­ta­tonic shapes and also t Lo I Cw Kor k-atc boym Pbh in iil­ngH itl­h­bios rt nyepe of idea with other tech­niques and scales in­cor­po­rat­ing a va­ri­ety of rhyth­mic and in­ter­val­lic ap­proaches. for in­stance, i of­ten play ex­actly the same lick as this but the op­po­site way round, us­ing string skip­ping for the first part and then ad­ja­cent strings for the sec­ond part. The pos­si­bil­i­ties re­ally are end­less.

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