EXAMPLE4 Flat 5 pass­ing note, psychedelic rock style

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY | THE BLUES SCALE -

if you’ve never in­cor­po­rated the flat­tened 5th into your Pen­ta­tonic so­los then you’re in for a treat. This lick il­lus­trates how much cooler your so­los can sound with the in­tro­duc­tion of lit­tle Blues scale dis­so­nance, demon­strated here in early Clap­ton style. Use al­ter­nate 16th-note pick­ing through­out and look out for the jump down to the 8th fret in the se­cond bar. To keep this slick, play the D on the 10th fret (pre­vi­ous bar) with your third fret­ting-hand fin­ger.

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