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[Bar 11] no stretches to worry about here but re­ally lis­ten to the ef­fect the mov­ing bass notes have against the simple open chord, it’s a great way of writ­ing and re­ally gives this sort of riff some mo­men­tum. Matthews uses sub­tle chord vari­a­tions to add colour; eg this Gma­j7B in­stead of a straight Gmaj7 and the a7­sus4 in place of an a or a7.

Bb6 [Bar 25] and an­other mov­ing bassline idea over the fol­low­ing bars, the is an un­ex­pected twist har­mon­i­cally but a com­mon move in his writ­ing.

[Bar 29] Big-sound­ing, open-string chords are an­other fea­ture of his style, the strum­ming pat­tern here be­ing simple but again mov­ing the un­der­ly­ing bass notes against the chord on top to keep things mov­ing re­ally well.

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