Gold­berg Vari­a­tions BWV 988 aria

Bridget ar­ranges and tabs one of the Ger­man ge­nius’s beau­ti­fully in­tel­li­gent etudes from his Gold­berg suite of vari­a­tions. Learn it today!

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Many stu­dents find that the fourth fin­ger feels weak when ham­mer­ing so it is worth fo­cus­ing on it. Try this: line up the four fin­gers on the sixth string on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th frets. Make sure the fin­gers are arched on their tips and evenly spaced. Now lift the fourth fin­ger off the string, mov­ing only the knuckle joint and do not al­ter the curve of the fin­ger. Slowly lower it back onto the string keep­ing the curve in­tact. Re­peat the move­ment with a lit­tle more speed to­wards the string un­til the ham­mered note (D) sounds. Now try the same move­ment but go­ing from se­cond to fourth and first to fourth fin­gers. No­tice if ten­sion creeps into your fore­arm and try to re­lax it.

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