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Many thanks for your fan­tas­tic fea­ture on one of my favourite and still greatly missed gui­tarists, Gary Moore. I was for­tu­nate enough to see Gary play a num­ber of times and I re­mem­ber how cer­tain sec­tions of the au­di­ence would time the sus­tained note in Parisi­enne Walk­ways. I was never sure if Gary was play­ing along, or if he thought it was all a bit daft. Richard Bar­rett’s six so­los re­ally got to the heart of Gary’s style. I was hop­ing they would be ac­tual Gary so­los but in fact the way GT did it was far more ed­u­ca­tional in the long run – and is bound to as­sist me and oth­ers in crack­ing those tracks that still evade th­ese fret­ting fin­gers. In the ab­sence of ‘ac­tual’ tran­scrip­tions this kind of idea goes a long way to­wards sa­ti­at­ing my solo­ing needs, so I’m won­der­ing if you have any oth­ers in the pipe­line? Mar­cus Davey Thanks, Mar­cus. We thought Richard did a fab­u­lous job, too. And yes, we also feel that in cer­tain re­spects an in-depth style study is as good or bet­ter than merely tab­bing out a song or solo. What we like to do at GT is give you the tools for the job, rather than do the job for you – hence all the great fea­tures we run month af­ter month, in­clud­ing this one. You are so right that learn­ing some­one’s ap­proach can help you to un­lock their style and break it down your­self, and that such an ap­proach will be more re­ward­ing and mu­si­cally ben­e­fi­cial to your play­ing in the long term.

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