Coun­try Open String Arpeg­gio Lick

Guitar Techniques - - INTRO -

The use of open strings abounds in all styles with vir­tu­ally end­less ideas. This month it is the open se­cond string – the 5th of the ac­com­pa­ny­ing e7 chord. The lick uses only the first and se­cond strings and fea­tures notes mostly drawn from e7 – e-G#-B-D. The chal­lenge is in the fre­quent po­si­tion changes, how the lick uses the open B com­bined with fret­ted notes in a ‘3 against 4’ rhythm, and the use of hy­brid pick­ing - you can use al­ter­nate pick­ing if you like, but it’s ‘snap­pier’ with hy­brid. Af­ter play­ing it try to come up with other ideas of your own us­ing dif­fer­ent rhythms and in other keys - re­mem­ber you need at least one open string to be a chord tone so you can use it as a pedal note be­tween reg­u­lar fret­ted notes.

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