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EX­AM­PLE 3 Our fi­nal two-notes-per-string idea is based around shape #4 and em­ploys barre rolls, whereby the same fin­ger is used to play con­sec­u­tive notes

ad­ja­cent on strings at the same fret, as Greg Howe and richie Kotzen both do.

EX­AM­PLE 4 next, we look at ideas span­ning two CAGED shapes. This one uses wide stretches and strad­dles shape #4 and #5, fin­ish­ing in shape #5. each five- note mo­tif is de­rived by play­ing every other note of a three-notes-per-string line, re­sult­ing in a 2-1-2 note con­fig­u­ra­tion on each three-string group. EX­AM­PLE 5 This ex­am­ple also uses a three-notes-per-string ap­proach (again, strad­dling CAGED shapes #4 and #5), but is the first one to em­ploy pick­ing-hand tap­ping. Here, a simple but ef­fec­tive three-note van Halen-style tap­ping mo­tif is used on each string. note how, rhyth­mi­cally, the notes are batched in groups of nine, lead­ing to a less repet­i­tive-sound­ing pat­tern. The last bend (on a pick­ing-hand tap) ex­tends into shape# 1 and should be sup­ported on the same string by a bend at the 15th fret by the fret­ting hand.

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