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Ly­dian is of­ten used by com­posers such as John Wil­liams in the themes of clas­sic sci-fi films such as E.T. and Su­per­man. The Ly­dian mode is also a sound com­monly heard in the styles of mod­ern rock play­ers such as Steve Vai and Joe Sa­tri­ani. Check out Joe Sa­tri­ani’s clas­sic in­stru­men­tal track Fly­ing In A Blue Dream, taken from his 1989 al­bum by the same name for one of the best ex­am­ples of the Ly­dian mode in ac­tion, with Steve Vai’s track The Rid­dle, taken from his 1999 re­lease Pas­sion And War­fare an­other fine ex­am­ple.

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