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First things first, you are do­ing an amaz­ing job – and that comes from a reg­u­lar reader and sub­scriber since 1997! Thank you for pro­vid­ing in­sight into the realm of gui­tar as it is to­day. Now on to the topic. With all the tabs avail­able on the in­ter­net and the on­line YouTube lessons, I have no­ticed that, ba­si­cally, every­thing is tran­scribed wrong 99 per cent of the time. Back in the old days, I fig­ured every­thing out by ear and it worked well, as I de­vel­oped my own licks. But I was still play­ing the songs wrong, espe­cially the tricky parts!

A cou­ple of days ago, Dave Mus­taine be­came so frus­trated with all the poor tran­scrip­tions that he tweeted the in­tro of Holy Wars him­self as a tab. To my sur­prise, I was play­ing the in­tro wrong – min­i­mal changes, but still wrong. That made me think; how cool would it be if you were to per­suade pro­fes­sional gui­tarists out there to tran­scribe 10 very cool and hard to grasp licks/riffs from their discog­ra­phy? Not the over­played stuff, but the hid­den gems that even hard­core fans would ap­pre­ci­ate. Ev­ery­body knows Para­noid, but not ev­ery­body knows the amaz­ing riff to Sato, right? Evan­ge­los Boul­toukas, via email A great point, Evan­ge­los. While it’s great that there are so many re­sources to help gui­tarists learn licks, the MK1 eardrum is a re­mark­ably pow­er­ful tool in its own right. And the act of fo­cus­ing in­cred­i­bly in­tently on a sec­tion of play­ing again and again – re­plac­ing the nee­dle each time, if you’re do­ing it the old-school way – helps de­velop your ear in a way that videos just can’t do. But it would be great to get some leg­ends to ex­plain ex­actly how to play their finest riffs. We’ll make enquiries...

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