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Q I play in a cover band do­ing AC/ DC to Led Zep via Iron Maiden and Me­tal­lica. I have a Mar­shall TSL60, which is great for most things, but spends most of its time with the gain up to 10 and is still slightly lack­ing when I’m try­ing to nail the Maiden so­los. I’ve got a PRS Ar­chon 25 for prac­tice, which gives me ex­actly what I need; An­gus with the gain at about 4, Jimmy at 5, and Maiden at 8. Be­fore I buy the Ar­chon 50 head, what else should I look at? I’ve heard good stuff about Bog­nor. Vic­tory seems to fea­ture a lot. I’m not keen on Mesa. James Di­eterle, via email

A If you like the Ar­chon, James, go with it! You haven’t said any­thing about foot-switch­ing and how you like to ac­cess the dif­fer­ent gain lev­els, so we’re as­sum­ing you’re us­ing the guitar vol­ume and maybe a pedal or two. In that re­spect, adding a de­cent booster/OD and EQ pedal to the Mar­shall will get you to the Maiden and Me­tal­lica stuff no prob­lem at all. How­ever, if you fancy a change and you want plenty of gain ver­sa­til­ity, we’d of­fer up these glo­ri­ous gain boxes for con­sid­er­a­tion…

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