leaRn wHat tHe pRes­ence knob Does

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Pres­ence is for di­alling in your tone for different en­vi­ron­ments. On tra­di­tional amps, the pres­ence con­trol is quite sep­a­rate from the main EQ. It works in the power sec­tion, of­ten con­trol­ling the neg­a­tive feed­back. As such, it’s worth set­ting your bass/mid/tre­ble how you like them, then tun­ing the pres­ence to taste, de­pend­ing on your en­vi­ron­ment. As the band gets louder, in­creas­ing the pres­ence may re­ally help with the cut and gen­eral au­di­bil­ity of your gui­tar.

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