un­DeR­stanD wHat a tone ca­pacI­toR Does

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Ever no­ticed how some tone con­trols go from ev­ery­thing to noth­ing in just a tiny sec­tion of its travel? It’s de­ter­mined by the in­ter­ac­tion of the pick­ups, the pot and the ca­paci­tor. If you want a more sub­tle over­all ef­fect, you can con­sider us­ing a lower value ca­paci­tor on the tone pot. Also note that the po­ten­tiome­ter value it­self has an ef­fect on the amount of high-end that passes through as the pot is turned down. The higher the value of the pot, the more high-end can pass. It could be the most en­light­en­ing £20 or £30 you ever spend.

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