un­DeR­stanD How ca­bles In­flu­ence tone

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The most no­tice­able dif­fer­ence in ca­bles comes via ca­pac­i­tance when us­ing ‘nor­mal’ pas­sive pick­ups. It’s a phys­i­cal phe­nom­e­non that has the ef­fect of re­duc­ing (most ob­vi­ously) high-end and tre­ble (al­though it has an ef­fect right across the fre­quency spec­trum). So the longer your cable runs, or the more ca­pac­i­tance the cable it­self has for a given length, the more high-end loss you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence. This can be a good thing if you’re look­ing to lose some edgy high-end, or a bad thing if your sound is dull and life­less. A buf­fer deals with high-end loss from long ca­bles.

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