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An­other es­sen­tial for any player is a can of switch-clean­ing lu­bri­cant, such as Servi­sol Su­per 10. If you have a scratchy lever or blade pickup se­lec­tor switch, at­tach the noz­zle to the can and squirt some of the cleaner into the switch and move it rapidly from side to side. If your pots need a clean, you can squirt it into the pot’s in­ner work­ings and ro­tate rapidly. Crackly out­put on one of your ped­als? A squirt and a rapid in/out in­ser­tion of a jack plug can of­ten cure it. An­other use is as a string cleaner. After a long gig you for­get to wipe your strings down and so the strings can feel old and can be caked with gunk. Squirt some Servi­sol onto a pa­per towel and then rub the towel vig­or­ously up and down each string. Squirt some more cleaner onto the towel (not your gui­tar) and con­tinue to clean.

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