HoW to Set pickup HeigHt (part ii)

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While Tim Mills has the last word on how to dial-in pick­ups to sound great, if you feel you need a start­ing point, bear in mind the fol­low­ing. A typ­i­cal Fen­der-style sin­gle coil will have pre­set pole­piece heights so you can only ad­just the over­all height and tilt of the pickup via the two height ad­just­ment/fix­ing screws. A hum­bucker has the same over­all height ad­just­ment plus, typ­i­cally, at least one row of slot or screw-head pole­pieces, so you can ‘cus­tomise’ the stag­ger to sub­tly bal­ance the string-to-string re­sponse. Hold the high E, and then the low E, down at the top fret and mea­sure the height from the un­der­side of the string to the top tre­ble and bass side of the pickup. A good place to start is ap­prox­i­mately 3-3.5mm. If you want more tre­ble re­sponse and pres­ence, try nar­row­ing the gap on the tre­ble side of the pickup and vice versa – the same with the bass. Low­er­ing or rais­ing the in­di­vid­ual pole­pieces on a hum­bucker can then fine-tune the string-to-string re­sponse. Need less power from your neck pickup com­pared to your bridge? Sim­ply lower the neck pickup un­til you achieve a bal­ance.

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