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“Many am­pli­fiers rely on the pots, switches and sock­ets for some of the ground con­nec­tions. If the nuts hold­ing these be­come loose then the in­tegrity of the con­nec­tion is re­duced and can cause all sorts of prob­lems rang­ing from crack­les, hum­ming, buzzing and in­creased noise through to os­cil­la­tion and even mal­func­tion­ing switch­ing of chan­nels and other func­tions. Usu­ally there will be a star washer in­volved, which pen­e­trates any ox­ide layer and en­sures a low­impedance con­nec­tion to the chas­sis – but this does re­quire the associated nut to be fully tight­ened,” Cliff Brown of 633 En­gi­neer­ing rec­om­mends.

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