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Any work­ing mu­si­cian, not least one who dab­bles in mod­ding, needs a mul­ti­me­ter: a simple de­vice that mea­sures re­sis­tance, volt­age and cur­rent. To mea­sure a pickup’s DC re­sis­tance – which gives you a rough idea of its power com­pared to a sim­i­lar pickup – put the mul­ti­me­ter in re­sis­tance mode, in­di­cated by the omega sym­bol. Then set the ohm range to 20k and hold one of the probes on the ‘hot’ lead and the other on the ‘ground’ lead and you should get a read­ing. A vin­tage PAF-style pickup might mea­sure 7k ohms and above while a Strat sin­gle coil will have a lower read­ing. If your pickup is four­con­duc­tor you’ll need to fol­low the brand’s wire colour code. For ex­am­ple, with a Sey­mour Dun­can hum­bucker you’ll need to join the red and white wires and mea­sure across the black (hot) and green (ground) wires to get the nor­mal se­ries hum­buck­ing read­ing.

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