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So, what is the best or­der to ar­range your over­drive ped­als if you use more than one at once, cas­cad­ing tone from one into the other? Many opt for the tra­di­tional ‘high­est­gain-pedal-first’ ap­proach, but Daniel Stein­hardt of TheGigRig ar­gues that the op­po­site way around also yields great re­sults. “I’ve tried it ev­ery way and I keep com­ing back to this: lower-gain ped­als first, cas­cad­ing up to the higher-gain ped­als. Why? Well, if you take a re­ally high-gain over­drive pedal and put a low-gain over­drive after it, you’ve got this huge amount of gain and nas­ti­ness with the first pedal, but that gets tamed down by the nat­u­ral com­pres­sion in the low-gain pedal. How­ever, if I swap it around and take that lit­tle bit of clip­ping and warm­ness from the low-gain over­drive pedal and push it into the high-gain pedal, it em­bel­lishes and en­larges the har­mon­ics and the com­pres­sion that I’ve al­ready got go­ing with the low-gain pedal.”

ABOVE Adrian Thorpe, the brains be­hind Thor­pyFX, ad­vo­cates build­ing your ’board around a core of qual­ity de­vices

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